Variable printing of Herma film labels with UV laser

April 11th 2024


Hen/Stag herma movie labels allow the printing of variable data with a simple color change, using UV lasers in the labeling process. Compared to thermal transfer printing, which is still widely used today, this is particularly efficient and resource-friendly, as no other consumables are needed and no waste is generated. In addition, it is no longer necessary to make periodic stops, for example to change thermal transfer ribbons.

“Until now it was possible to use lasers with special paper to mark labels without removing any material. However, this is not possible for most pharmaceutical products, but not for many cosmetic products either, solely for reasons of application and safety. " it states Sven Pleier, key account manager for chemicals and pharmaceuticals at Herma. “Thanks to the new film labels, the way is now clear to use this advantageous method in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector, regardless of whether the variable data is expiration dates, lot numbers or data matrix codes.” In combination with a Domino U510 UV laser and the Herma 132M HC pharmaceutical labeller, the new Herma PE White UV Laser film labels will be presented for the first time at the Achema trade fair in Frankfurt.

Suitable for high speed
Unlike thermal transfer printers, lasers allow optimal use of the speed of high-speed labeling machines, as a UV laser easily reaches up to 600 cycles per minute and more. With a thermal transfer printer, the limit is usually a maximum of 300 cycles per minute.

This is especially important for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products: the printed image is absolutely resistant to stains and scratches, as well as disinfectants, alcohol and grease. The labeling is also ideal for very low temperatures, including freezing processes, and remains stable.

Another advantage of UV laser printing: the printed image is always very sharp, even at the smallest font sizes. The laser allows fonts or characters only 0,6 millimeters high, while thermal transfer printing is no longer possible at 1 millimeter. The dark gray lettering on the white foil labels is highly contrasting and very easy for machines to read. The laser also works non-contact, making maintenance very easy.

“Due to the modular structure of HERMA labelers, UV lasers are particularly easy to integrate,” highlights Sven Pleier from Herma. Coding and marking specialist Domino has already tested the new Herma labels in extensive laboratory tests. “Our U510 lasers offer very good results,” he says. Volker Watzke, director of life sciences and tobacco sales at Domino . “Especially when precise and variable coding and marking at high speed is required, laser and label form an unbeatable combination. “The U510 UV laser completes the product portfolio of the cooperation between HERMA and Domino, together with the technologies used so far, such as CO2 lasers and thermal transfer printers.”

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