Ricoh brings together the graphics sector to lead its transformation

November 7th 2023


The heads of the main printing companies in Spain and Portugal met at the IESE facilities in Madrid for the first edition of the We CoCreate conference by Ricoh. Under the title “A future to be printed: leadership for transformation”, the event brought together more than fifty leaders on October 25 and contributed visions, knowledge, experiences and strategies to face a time of relentless change and a future which is continually rewritten. As predicted in its presentation, We CoCreate wants to be an inspiring congress for the transformative leaders of the Spanish and Portuguese printing industry. Far from any commercial proposal, it seeks to promote the culture of transformation by facilitating access to its methods and techniques.

Strategy, direction, people

The opening session was led by Miquel Lladó, professor of Strategic Management and Senior Lecturer at IESE, who under the title “How and why we fall in love with the future” gave a dynamic tour of his experiences and cases breaking down brakes for transformation. He lladó proposed to the attendees to put themselves in the future or even try to anticipate it to be able to see it coming.

ramon martin, CEO of Ricoh Spain and Portugal, gave Ricoh itself as an example of transformation. He outlined the challenges and strategies with which the changes have been faced to go from an office printing provider just three decades ago to the company that it is today, a leader in digital services and workplace transformation. Before fifty CEOs, Ramon Martin outlined the strategies and responsibilities of general directors in the face of transformation challenges.

Through a practical workshop Quim Bernardo, director of Talent and Culture at Ricoh, made the attendees participate in a condensed Design Thinking exercise, a transformative methodology in itself that also fulfills the function of involving employees in the change process.

Andrew Lopez, director of Ricoh Graphic Communications, dedicated his space to the sales function. What is the salesperson that the graphics industry needs like? What do you need to fulfill your role? What brakes do you find? How is it measured? Through a pleasant comparison with comic book superheroes, the audience took note of all the ideas that arose.

Introducing We CoCreate Automate HUB

The closing of the day was carried out by Carlos cano, marketing director of Ricoh Graphic Communications, presenting the Automate HUB, within the We CoCreate initiative itself. Automate HUB is the sum of forces, capabilities and visions between various integrators of automation solutions in the graphics industry to expand, simplify and reduce the cost of projects that will make this sector a more effective and efficient sector.

Ricoh has teamed up with GPG and MGV Color to bring to the graphics market a wide and integrative offer of solutions for process automation. Working together, the three companies can integrate different projects under a unified umbrella, phase them to make them affordable, allocate the best resources for each specific need, react to each case with the best available tool and seek much more flexible financial solutions.

“We are convinced that with We CoCreate we do what our brand commitment says: accompany the graphics industry in all its transformations. The congress is the space to share, learn and imagine the future; With the Automation HUB we will be able to start transformative projects in almost any process of graphic companies,” says Andreu López.

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