The Packaging Cluster receives approval from the Ministry of its 2023-2026 Strategic Plan

12th September 2023

Cluster Packaging

Promoting innovation projects with a special impact on the SME environment, promoting digital transformation, the ecological transition and the circular economy, are some of the challenges that the Cluster of Innovation in Container and Packaging for the next four years, he just obtained the approval of your strategic plan by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, which means that it continues to be AEI (Innovative Business Group).

In the words of the Cluster director, Jesús Pérez, this approval “represents important support for the work we do to improve the competitiveness of companies, as well as recognition of our association as a representative of the sector.” Along these lines, the plan is made up of “strategic initiatives to promote business projects in this industry, in order to promote technological innovation, the exchange of knowledge and the transfer of talent within the value chain of the packaging and packaging sector. packaging".

Specifically, the strategic plan is made up of 23 projects, divided into six strategic lines. Firstly, to promote innovation, actions have been planned to promote innovative projects, especially in small and medium-sized companies, as well as carrying out technological surveillance work to detect strategic opportunities that provide competitive advantages for the sector. Likewise, the Cluster will boost technological transfer efficiently between knowledge agents and the industrial environment; and will also promote a culture of innovation in the management teams of companies in the sector. “With these actions, from the Cluster we seek to energize all the key agents of packaging with the aim of promoting collaborative innovation, the exchange of knowledge, the development of projects and the transfer of talent to the sector,” adds the president. of the Container and Packaging Cluster, Amaya Fernandez.

Secondly, another strategic line will be focused on promoting digital transformation, which includes the promotion of initiatives in this area, especially in the SME environment, as well as promoting knowledge of enabling technologies among the Cluster companies.

With respect to the strategic line corresponding to the ecological transition and the circular economy, the Cluster has proposed the development of projects that promote sustainable strategies in the sector, that identify trends (market, technological and legislative) in the circular economy, that improve environmental perception in the field of packaging and to help this association be an active agent by informing and training member companies on environmental legislation and regulations to support the improvement of sustainability.

Another strategic line of the Cluster for the next four years seeks to ensure that the association itself continues to consolidate itself as a reference for companies in the sector. To this end, during this period it will enhance the positioning of the 'container and packaging' brand, and among others, it will improve the work efficiency of the association's activities through technological tools that automate internal management processes.

Also, the Container and Packaging Cluster will allocate a prominent activity to act as a collaboration engine for the ecosystem. This will be done by promoting relational capital and networking in activities of all kinds (breakfasts, work tables, dialogues, organization of the national Design and Sustainability Awards, visits to partner facilities, etc.), opening avenues of collaboration with other organizations and associations (start-ups, universities and technical schools, technological institutes, accelerators and incubators of technological companies, etc.) and also with the implementation of transversal and collaborative initiatives and projects.

And finally, the Cluster also plans in its strategic plan to promote the culture of internationalization and develop a service that allows it to identify and transmit to its associates the available funds, both public and private, that can help them launch or consolidate their activities abroad.

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