Berlin Packaging presents the new Infusion Refill collection

23th October 2023

berlin packaging

berlin packaging | Premi Industries presents the packaging collection Infusion Fragrance with a new look. The iconic 100ml bottle. It becomes refillable thanks to a new version with a screw neck that, in combination with the refill set, allows the consumer to refill it once the fragrance is finished. With the twist refill pump, presented in combination with the 150 ml Neville bottle, Berlin Packaging responds to a growing demand for refillable and sustainable packaging, because, in Infusion Refill, the screw neck allows the glass bottle to be separated from its accessories, facilitating recycling.

«Infusion has been designed to enhance the fragrances of high-end perfumery and home fragrance under the motto of sustainability and personalization. The innovations introduced with this proposal are the result of our corporate mission, which drives us to create attractive and iconic premium packaging solutions, respectful of the environment and with an eye on the future, as demanded by the luxury market," he comments. Alessandro Prestini, CEO of Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries.

The beauty lies in the details of this collection and the decoration possibilities of Berlin Packaging | Premi Industries enhance its potential: the design is elegant and timeless, characterized by a silhouette reminiscent of apothecaries, shaped by marked and minimalist curves. It is presented with a semi-transparent dark purple paint and has been personalized with a tone-on-tone screen print enriched with a shiny gold hot-stamping. The metallic wood capsule echoes the golden details of the personalization, highlighting the natural texture of the wood thanks to the highly reflective metallic effect.

Infusion fragrance, in addition to the existing FEA 15 bottles of 30, 50 and 100 ml, is complemented by a 24 ml 410-200 neck bottle. which will soon be joined by a new 300 ml size: perfect formats for care and home fragrance products thanks to the combination that can be made with the different accessories, from dosing pumps to diffusers with rods with elegant wooden neck caps or aluminum.

This year, at Luxe Pack Monaco 2023, in addition to Infusion Refill, the company presented some of these collections in a new decorative form, as well as a new collection designed for the masstige market:

-        Euphoria: a new collection of 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles. of cylindrical conical section, characterized by an imposing round shoulder and subtle thicknesses.

-        Himiko: The perfumery of yesteryear merges with modernity through regular shapes, resulting in a collection of glass bottles characterized by a square section softened by apothecary touches. Available in sizes of 30, 50 and 100 ml. with FEA 15 type mouth, Himiko has recently been complemented with screw mouth flasks and jars, both plastic and glass, suitable for the market skincare.

-        Moon: The simplicity of a circle draws the contour of this collection, embellished by a groove that highlights the beauty of the glass while enhancing its content. With wide and slightly curved surfaces, there are two 75 ml bottles. and 12 ml.

-        Vip Fragrance: luxurious 5 and 10 ml travel size. FEA 13 type and threaded mouth available in both cylindrical and square sections.

– The fragrance offer in Luxe Pack Monaco is completed with the proposal Natural Vibes, developed for the market home-fragrance. Designed to enhance the environments we live in every day, this elegant selection of room diffusers and spray vaporizers is made of glass and includes wooden closures that evoke natural textures. Matte finish coatings give a ceramic look to the glass bottles, embellished with tone-on-tone raised lettering using 3D inkjet technology. 

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