Good results from carton manufacturers

August 16st, 2017

Aspack, the Spanish Association of Cardboard Containers, Packaging and Transformed Manufacturers, has published the data corresponding to the 2016 financial year. According to these figures, the production of the Spanish sector amounts to 342.347 metric tons, which represents an increase of 2,5% in relation to the previous year. Also significant is the rise in turnover of millions of euros: 684 (compared to 666 the previous year) and the number of workers employed: 4.300.

The number of companies that produce cardboard packaging remained stable in relation to the two previous years, 86, concentrated in Catalonia (34%), Valencian Community (22%) and Madrid (16%).

Export activity represents 20% of total turnover and has grown for the fourth consecutive year, registering 136 million euros in turnover in this chapter, which is also endorsed by the rise in metric tons, from 82.000 in 2015 to 95.000 of 2016. It is also relevant that the import figures have decreased.

In Europe, according to data from ECMA (European Carton Makers Association), 49% of the carton packs sold were destined for food sectors and 51% for non-food.

At the same time, in the analysis of the profitability of the sector carried out in the study, it can be highlighted that there are great differences both in the structure and in the turnover and economic results. 74% of the companies in the sector invoice between 1 and 10 million euros; 13 companies have a turnover of more than 15 million euros, 34 companies have a turnover of between 5 and 15 million euros and 37 companies less than 5 million. 60% of the sector's turnover is carried out by 20% of the companies, which indicates a trend towards increasing concentration.

Finally, if we analyze the market share, large companies have 45% of the market, medium-sized companies have 43% of it and small companies have 12% of the market.

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