Estal presents the Corkcoal cork and activated carbon stopper

30, May, 2022

Estal cork stopper and activated carbon

corkcoal is a plug characterized by the combination cork and activated carbon, with which a reduction in industrial processes and carbon footprint is achieved, as well as better organoleptic performance.

This innovation is included in the world Estal's Wild, of which the Wild Glass bottle collection in 100% recycled glass and the special textures and necks of the Wildly Crafted collection are already part.

Complex industrial processes are used in the manufacture of traditional microgranulated cork stoppers, with the consequent use of water, energy and chemical agents. All this with the aim of eliminating unwanted properties – taste, smell, color, etc. -of the cork Corkcoal combines two materials, cork and activated carbon, which naturally neutralizes and traps unwanted substances in cork, as well as accepting and integrating variations in color and size of the microgranulate.

Corkcoal reduces discards and waste of raw materials, because industrial cork washing processes are reduced and chemical bleaches are not used, and, therefore, its carbon footprint is smaller. In addition, the active carbon accelerates the biodegradation process of the stopper. Compared to other closures, Corkcoal offers, thanks to its materials, a lower transfer of flavors to the product, so being neutral it also has better organoleptic properties.

The Corkcoal collection is made up of three models: Sharp, Barrrel and Cornice, with two sizes available, 21,5 and 18,5mm. Their design makes them perfect for spirits.


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