Success of Ecodesign Day at BCN Design Week

July 12, 2013

BCD Barcelona Design Center organized the Ecodesign Day on June 18, within the framework of the BCN Design Week. The conference, where the role and importance of ecodesign for the current socio-economic fabric was debated, featured a conference by Chris Sherwin, Director of Sustainability at the global design and innovation consultancy Seymourpowell; presentations of good practices and networking activities.
Under the title of “The forms of things to come. Roadmap for sustainable design ”, Sherwin presented a series of models and methodologies for companies to introduce sustainability into their activities. One of the engines for changing this thinking is the economic argument. "It is not just an ethical decision, but an economic decision," explained Sherwin, who contributed a series of data, such as the increase in the price of raw materials in the last decade, the growth rate of the market for ethical products and / or savings. potential of 630.000 million euros in the economy of the European Union in 2025 if consumer goods switched to sustainable design.
"We need imaginative visions of the future, currently the language of sustainability is very negative, almost apocalyptic," said Sherwin, who bet that sustainability will lead to new ways of designing, new models and methods.

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