Winners of the 12th edition of Pentawards

10th September 2018

The international Pentawards jury has announced the 2018 winners. This year, the 12th edition of Pentawards took place at the iconic Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. On Thursday, September 6, 2018, the gala ceremony hosted more than 280 of the most creative, innovative and disruptive members of the global packaging design community, all winners of the 2018 competition.

DIAMOND WINNER - BEST OF THE SHOW Mutti Limited Edition. Boom Design

By choosing the winner of Best of The Show, Diamond Pentaward, the jury and its chairman have a transparent ability to reach a unanimous decision with little to no effort each year. Mutti Limited Edition, the 2018 Best of the Show winner - Diamond Pentaward, designed by the Italian studio Auge Design, presented no challenge to this year's jury, giving them no alternative but to award it the highest level recognition for design. of packaging accredited by Pentawards. Starting from the original format, the range has been embellished with a new glamorous and luxurious feel, with a high-end gold foil finish that contrasts with the ivory silkscreen surfaces. This is a design that will now join an exclusive Pentawards club, being the 13th Best of The Show crown winner - Diamond Pentaward since the Pentawards began.

PLATINUM WINNER - BEST OF BEVERAGES GUOCUI WUDU. Shenzhen Lingyun Creative Packaging Design

In a highly competitive category, the GUOUCI WUDU bottle, designed by Chinese agency Shenzhen Lingyun Creative Packaging Design, stood out as a design that delivers its message in the absence of actual description. The overall finish is bold, clean, detailed, and rich, all of which are features that sidestep the high quality of spirits and premium content. From Henan Province in China, this white spirit is made from five traditional Chinese medicinal materials that are steeped and brewed over time. Liquors of a similar nature in China often contain leftovers, left over from the brewing process. On the contrary, the biggest selling point of this product is that through multiple processes, the purity of the liquor approaches a state of zero impurity, giving consumers a greater sense of security. To translate this, a striking clear blue glass bottle has been designed as a container and its unique shape features a distinctive oriental aesthetic that corresponds to the idea of ​​traditional Chinese brewing behind the product.

PLATINUM WINNER - BEST OF FOOD Shirokuma no Okome. frame inc.

A design that is as cute as it is curious, Shirokuma no Okome created by the Japanese agency Frame inc. it is fantastically simple, but leaves everything to the imagination. The concept was to bridge the gap between the Shirokuma no Okome rice company and the 'Polar Bear' brand image. This led to the creation of charming and warm illustrations, reflecting the true sweetness of the product. The design goes beyond the physical product itself (rice), however, it is used to elevate the brand to a new space, away from the competition, appealing to the emotional senses of the consumer.

PLATINUM WINNER - BEST OF BODY Bloomdale Eyewear. Studio kluif

Bloomdale Eyewear is a brand that does not follow the typical brand codes created by Studio Kluif. Instead of using photography, as most brands do to promote their new eyewear models, we advise you to communicate in another way. A series of iconic portraits were developed to underline the brand's slogan, A Bloomdale for every face. These portraits play an important role in all communications. In order to create a more extensive brand experience, we created a range of packaging with which the optician makes a more personal statement to the customer. Each box can be equipped with a different portrait depending on whether the customer is a man, a woman or even a child.


This new design of the Diptyque Hourglass 2.0 range from SERVAIRE & Co renews the poetic promise of establishing a dialogue between home, aroma and time with an hourglass-shaped diffusing aroma, with an increasingly exclusive design. A unique silhouette and a unique glass coating now differentiate each of the 6 fragrances, confirming the home's decorative universe and paying homage to its eclectic inspirations. Its cold diffusion technology delivers perfume notes through ingenious wicks, which have been developed to expand the diffusion area, through a new patent developed by Techniplast. The Hourglass remains a sustainable initiative with an unchanged charging system.


In a crowded market, it is essential to stand out. Gatuna, from the Spanish agency The Bold Studio, is a brand that executes it with class. The cat litter market is full of standard products with no apparent differentiation. The challenge was to leave the technical details of the product behind, in favor of developing a relationship with the consumer to become their first choice. The product is sold in specialized pet stores in Spain. Cleverly practical (elegantly practical), it is a concept that highlights the ease of cleaning the litter, and also tells the customer that it will save them time to spend it where it matters most: with their cat. The design, based on illustration, breaks with the visual codes of the sector (cold and technological) to express simplicity and sensory understanding between the brand, the physical product itself and the consumer.

NXT-GEN WINNER - BEST OF STUDENT CONCEPTS Panda Cigarette. Yu Chen - Hubei University of Technology

The Panda cigarette pack is designed to warn people about the harms of smoking. Before unwrapping, it shows a full picture of a panda head printed on transparent film, while the cigarettes are pulled out one by one, seen through the panda pattern, the image of the inner skull emerges. A transformation from a black panda head to a skull on a white background, casts a sharp contrast. Sub-health has become a normal state in today's hectic life. Children are instinctively drawn to pandas, so this before-and-after contrast between a cute panda head and a hideous deadly skull is a much stronger message to them than conventional health warnings. If they learn to avoid cigarettes at a young age, they are less likely to become smokers.


The 2019 Gala Ceremony will take place in London, UK. The 2019 competition will be open for registrations from February 25 to April 12. It has been revealed that the 2019 edition of the Pentawards will see their Gala Ceremony return to London, for the first time since 2015. Additional events will be built around the Gala Ceremony, including a Conference, a Design Brunch and a new event format. . The official venue for the Gala Ceremony has yet to be revealed, however, it has been confirmed that the 2019 Gala Ceremony will be the largest (by capacity) since its inception. This is in response to an increase in demand from the community to attend the event in line with the global growth of the Pentawards competition.

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