García-Carrión focuses on ecodesign 

November 13th 2023


Promote the revaluation of waste, increase the percentage of recycled material and facilitate the recyclability of packaging. These are the three great challenges that have been transferred García-Carrión, a leading company in the Spanish market for more than 130 years, to the packaging industry in the 70 Innovation Breakfast organized by the Cluster of Container and Packaging. The event has been financed by the Conselleria d'Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball of the Generalitat Valenciana.  

Furthermore, this session included the participation of AIMPLAS, Plastics Technological Institute, and the technology company nunsys, who have explained how to efficiently implement a Digital Transformation Plan in an organization, supported by a training plan proposed by the ESIC business school. The Breakfast took place at the AIMPLAS facilities in the Paterna Technology Park, and its director, José Antonio Costa, who highlighted the importance of plastic in packaging, especially in food, and explained that at AIMPLAS they are “specialists in the value chain, working from the origin of the material until the plastic is created, transformed into a product and goes to the final sectors, closing the circle with the recovery of waste". 

At this business meeting, Garcia Carrion has highlighted the group's constant effort to develop increasingly sustainable and easy to recycle packaging in all its products. Founded in 1890, the group specializing in wines and juices, among others, and which is the first winery in Europe and the fourth in the world, has highlighted its firm commitment to developing sustainability strategies that cover the entire value chain, from production in the fields of cultivation to the table of the final consumer. 

Likewise, the company has explained its efforts to develop sustainable solutions with actions in the field of logistics, the protection of biodiversity and circular economy projects, among others, which allow them to be leaders in sustainability today. Finally, the García-Carrión family company has also explained a project in which they have been pioneers, which is the launch of the first aseptic cardboard packaging without aluminum. Specifically, Don Simón products are the first in the world to be launched in the new aluminum-free packaging that facilitates recyclability, and are classic soy, light soy, chocolate soy, almond, rice, oatmeal and horchata drinks. 

Digital transformation of SMEs  

On the other hand, from the technology company Nunsys, as a specialist in the implementation of comprehensive technology solutions, they have presented to attendees the options currently available to carry out a Digital Transformation Plan in industrial SMEs. “This opportunity, valued at more than €7.000, can be done for free if certain requirements are met through the Next Generation funds,” he noted. Jorge Reverte, manager of the Digital Transformation Area at Nunsys.  

In addition, Reverte has explained the phases of this transformation plan that are based on the diagnosis of the situation in which the company finds itself, the creation of a plan according to the needs and the technical support and search for financing in the rest. of process. This plan “will encourage companies to be able to carry out a transformation in a coordinated manner, helping them at Nunsys to have a top-down view of all areas of the company thanks to our experience,” has highlighted Mª Eugenia Llansol, Commercial Consultant for Digital Transformation of the company.  

In this line, he has also intervened ESIC Business & Marketing School, which together with Nunsys, has created a training plan aimed at digital transformation that seeks to provide workers, middle managers and CEOs with global knowledge, as explained Virginia Serrón, B2B Digital Generation manager of the center's Corporate Education area.  

On the other hand, Pablo Hernandez, technician of the Competitive and Strategic Intelligence Department at AIMPLAS, explained the success story developed in the center together with Nunsys, underlining the importance of digital transformation, which “It is based on organizational effectiveness and efficiency, since our concept of digital transformation is the reevaluation of processes,” has explained. 

Visit to AIMPLAS 

To conclude this new Breakfast, attendees were able to visit the more than 11.000 square meters of the AIMPLAS facilities to learn about their latest technological advances and innovative techniques.  

AIMPLAS has more than 3.000 active clients and 800 associated companies, carrying out 271 projects in fiscal year 2022, of which 80 were international. Finally, thanks to its activity, 2022 million euros of social impact were generated in 665, of which 431,6 million impacted the SDGs and 294,6 million in the circular economy. 

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