Grup Maculart enters the digital printing market with Xerox

April 20th 2015

Grup Maculart has implemented an iGen4TM color digital press with XXL format, a coater with 2 UV and acrylic varnish towers and a stacker that stores and feeds the coater.

"The incorporation of Xerox technology allows us to offer our current customers a cost reduction of between 20 and 40 percent in the shortest runs (from 100 to 15.000 cases depending on the size)", explains Albert Majós, manager of the Grup Maculart.
Together with Xerox, the firm organized an open house on April 15, 16 and 17 in which both companies discussed the difference between digital packaging and offset from a didactic and also practical point of view. "It is the best way for our clients to verify that the material on which it is printed, the varnish that protects it, and the stamping and gumming processes are the same", in the words of Albert Majós. "For this reason, the quality control departments of the laboratories can be very calm, since the cases printed with digital technology will behave in the same way in their packaging machines."
According to Albert Majós, who is also the founder of Akewuele, iGen4 ™ has a line finish with characteristics equal to offset, a format size that allows die-cutting on an automatic machine and a grammage of up to 350 grams, something that until now was not possible. Finally, he added: "Although we have not yet started testing, we want to introduce the possibility of printing fragrance in (the inline coater that integrates) iGen4 ™."
Xerox iGen4 ™ features include automating image adjustment at paper placement, eliminating tedious manual tasks. This equipment translates into greater efficiency and facilitates automated color management. Replaces and eliminates manual intervention by analyzing color and notifying the operator when the press is ready for production. Plus, your FreeFlowTM Print Server delivers more benefits through quick setup and complex job processing.

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