New Regula Refill Jar by Quadpack, refillable, recyclable and practical

27th September 2022

quad pack

The Quadpack Regulates, its best-selling range of airless jars and products, expands with the New Regula Refill Jar, Which is recyclable, refillable, single material and easy to use.

The 50ml container has a thick-walled PET outer jar with a luxurious glass-like aesthetic, ideal for prestige cosmetic brands. The inner jar, developed to offer optimal compatibility with most skin care formulas, is made of PP and is designed to be heat sealed with ease, one of the best solutions for refills.

The two components can be quickly separated by hand, thanks to a hole in the outer jar created specifically for easy removal. The spare part it is placed with the same simplicity and emits a "click" when closed that indicates that it has been done correctly.

El plug The double-walled New Regula Refill Jar is entirely made of PP, so all its components are recyclable. Manufactured at the Quadpack plant in Kierspe, Germany, the jar it is an optimal solution both for brands that want to undertake a transformation towards refillable containers and for customers who use the Regula Jar and seek to advance in terms of sustainability.

All components can be decorated using various techniques, Quadpack offers complete manufacturing and decoration solutions made in Germany.

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