Nocilla Cookies & Cream arrives, the crunchiest Nocilla cream

12th September 2022

Nocilla Cookies & Cream

Nocilla, brand that belongs to the family company IDilia Foods, presents its latest innovation in the category of creams: Nocilla Cookies&Cream. It is a delicious white cream with crunchy pieces of cocoa biscuit, with which Nocilla introduces a new flavor, since it is the first Cookies & Cream cream in our country.

It shows up so much in cream format as in cookie format, with cookies made with cocoa mass and filled with Cookies & Cream cream. The new proposals do not contain palm oil, like the rest of the products in the Nocilla range.

With the new Nocilla Cookies&Cream, the brand reconnects with the young public. In addition, the cookie format allows this new variety of Nocilla to be enjoyed at any time and place, adapting to the consumption habits of this public.

The Nocilla Cookies&Cream cream is now available at regular points of sale in the 180-gram format. For their part, Nocilla Cookies&Cream cookies are available in 6-unit and 3-unit formats. With this launch, Nocilla expands its family of products, which already has the following varieties: Original Nocilla, Chocoleche Nocilla, Milk and Hazelnut Nocilla, Nocilla Noir and Nocilla 0% added sugar, in its Original and Chocoleche version.

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