New 100% biodegradable packaging

28th October 2013

BioActiveLayer is a biodegradable alternative to those currently available for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), which will provide the dry food industry with a cost-effective and 100% recyclable solution. This commercial development responds to the growing global demand for dry or dehydrated products.
BioActiveLayer will create a tailored material that, in addition to maintaining the quality of the product and ensuring its food safety, will allow you to maintain its shelf life beyond 24 months.
This project seeks to promote innovative multilayer packaging structures, based on cellulose and biodegradable, by increasing resistance to moisture and barrier properties in the paper (applying mixtures of waxes and resins).
The BioActiveLayer consortium began its activity in September 2013, and is made up of representatives from various countries, with a duration of two years. In addition to Hatzopoulos SA (manufacturer of flexible packaging), the following participate: NTC, Nuevas Técnicas de Coloración SL (chemical compounds), Skymark Packaging International Limited (Films for packaging), Belourthe SA (producer of infant cereals), Plusfresc (Spanish supermarket chain ), ITENE, Wageningen University and UK Materials Research Institute.

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