Pentawards presents a new excellence score, Pentawards Excellence Score

25, March, 2019

Pentawards Excellence Score

For the first time, pentawards, the prestigious packaging design contest, will provide feedback to all participants, in the form of an excellence score (Pentawards Excellence Score).
Each project that participates, whether it is a winner or not, will receive individual comments from the Pentawards International Jury. The score will be based on the verdict of the jury, in relation to the four aspects of the evaluation criteria: design quality, brand expression, creativity and innovation and emotional connection. Each item will be scored from one to five, allowing participants to identify areas for improvement and success.
In the first round, the maximum score is twenty and the five works with the most points are classified for the second round, in which additional Points of Excellence will be awarded, according to the final verdict of the jury.
Adam Ryan, Pentawards Project Manager, comments: “Pentawards is highly recognized around the world, receiving more than 2312 entries from 54 countries in 2018. We also have 15 of the world's most respected packaging design and innovation talents, judging by the awards. It seems fair that those who participate know as clearly as possible what the judges think of their packaging: what they love and what could be improved. Helpful and personalized ideas like these will be invaluable to packaging designers looking to take their work to the next level. ”
The average of this excellence score, broken down by sub-category, will be released in September, at the same time as the bronze, silver, gold and platinum winners. This means that Pentawards participants will also be able to assess how close they came to winning one of these top positions and how their work compares on a global stage.
This evaluation is part of the reason why Pentawards has enjoyed such long success since its inception 13 years ago. The addition of Pentawards Excellence Scores adds more value to this process. Oliver Montiel and Olmo Garcia at The Bold Studio, winner of the 2019 Platinum Award, in the category 'Other Markets', for their work in Gatuna, comment: “The most important reason we participated in the contest was to evaluate our ideas by an external agent ".
Ryan concludes: “This is a great year for the Pentawards, with a new President, a new website and now the introduction of the Excellence Scores. As with any successful organization, we always strive to add value to our customers and the community, and this year we believe we have. We are delighted to see the works this year and cannot wait to celebrate the best packaging design in the world at the Gala Ceremony in London in September. "
April 12 is the last day to participate in the 2019 Pentawards.
Further information:
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