United Caps introduces innovative clip-on cap for carton packs

March 6th 2023

stopper attached to the container

United Caps Launches Exclusive Clip On Cap For Cartons: 23 H-Pak. This patent-pending cap includes an innovative tamper-evident seal that keeps all parts intact for easy recycling.

“We are pleased to bring to market one of the first clip-on caps for cartons,” says United Caps CEO, benoit henckes. “In addition to its ability to keep all the pieces intact for later recycling, its extremely strong hinge ensures the freshness consumers seek when opening the package. Not only does it improve the user experience, but it also contributes to protecting the environment, one of the R&D drivers at United Caps.”

El cap attached to container 23 H-Pak It is designed to instantly adapt to filling lines, ensuring seamless integration with existing processes and rapid production line deployment. With superior engineering and attention to detail, the 23 H-Pak incorporates a smart first-use feature to create an optimal access point, enhancing the user experience. The cutting edge is specially designed to traverse the pre-rolled hole with minimal effort, providing a clean and smooth opening.

This innovative stopper consists of three parts: the pour hole, the stopper and the cutter, while other solutions on the market are made up of four parts. Fewer parts translate to a easier recycling.

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