Alba Sánchez-Vicario presents Coliflow, her cauliflower-based pizza brand

27, April, 2022


From the hand of its creator, Alba Sanchez-Vicar, and supported by the entire Sánchez-Vicario family, has presented coliflow in the Royal Tennis Club Barcelona. It is a new brand of cauliflower based pizzas born with the support of the doctor in nutrition, dietitian-nutritionist and pharmacist, Laura Isabel Arranz, a new generation of pizzas that has arrived to change your perception and combine nutrition with the pleasure of eating it.

“I am excited to be able to present you this project in which I have invested a lot of time and effort to offer a nutritionally better and delicious alternative to the pizzas that are currently on the shelves,” says Alba Sánchez-Vicario. «Coliflow is a personal project that was born after spending time in Los Angeles, where I had my first contact with this type of product. On my return, I realized that this option did not exist in Spain, while in Europe the offer was really scarce, something that inspired me to start experimenting and launch the product that I present to you today », she adds.

Boasting a Nutriscore A rating in its cauliflower base and vegetable pizza recipe, as well as an improved nutritional profile in its four-cheese pizza recipe, Coliflow provides 30% fewer calories and 50% fewer calories. fat and less salt than a regular pizza. With up to 50% less wheat flour and made in an artisan workshop with stone oven, Coliflow pizzas are made with the equivalent of 120 grams of fresh cauliflower per base, sourdough slow fermentation and extra virgin olive oil, also with top quality raw materials, with ingredients such as natural tomato or 100% natural mozzarella cheese without whey.

Coliflow offers an initial range of pizzas made up of 3 references with a recommended price between €2,99 and €3,99. Customers will be able to find Coliflow in both the chilled and frozen sections. Likewise, this portfolio will increase throughout 2022 thanks to the incorporation of new references.


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