An eco packaging signed by Habermas for Sal Dama Blanca

February 20th 2024

White Lady Salt

White lady It is a Cadiz brand. Is a organic sea salt of artisanal collection, which is born on the surface of the saline water due to the effect of the sun and the wind in the summer months. It is harvested by hand every day at sunset and dried for two days in the sun. They also contribute to the recovery and conservation of the biodiversity of the artisanal salt mines of Puerto Real (Cádiz).

Habermas Spain has transferred all these values ​​to the visual language of the packaging, using natural raw materials such as cardboard and cork and a color palette associated with the sea and the color of the salt flats. The iconography used to highlight the artisanal character and composition in order to introduce it to the gourmet channel.

Anuaria Selection 2023: ANUARIA Award for the best packaging.

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