Baccarat Red Limited Edition of the Guerlain Turtle Flask

February 9th 2024


To celebrate the 110th anniversary of its historic Parisian headquarters on Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the legendary Guerlain Turtle Bottle reborn with a Limited Edition Métier d'Art. Guerlain celebrates a double anniversary: ​​the opening of his boutique and the birth of his emblem, the Turtle Bottle. The union of two symbols: the legendary bottle adorned with the characteristic red color of Baccarat in one striking piece.

Wrapped in an incandescent red, Guerlain unveils this crystal masterpiece made entirely by hand by the House Baccarat, which evokes the original creation sculpted by the master glassmakers for the boutique's opening in 1914. It is a 'Baccarat red' hue, created by an alchemical glassmaker who discovered that clear glass infused with 24-karat gold turns red with the heat.

The bottle is shaped like a turtle: a translucent shell decorated with relief motifs, reminiscent of scales, and meticulous details on the legs, head and tail. Houses the perfume Champs-Élysées.

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