Rod / Pierini Partners

January 13, 2014

The new beer from Ambev Ecuador breaks into the beer market with Biela, with a deep body and aroma. According to Adrián Pierini, creator of the new design, a classic cut structure was sought. The identifying color chosen has been black (in line with the international color trend as far as high-end beers are concerned), combined with gold and green, present in the glass of the bottle.
The project involved the development of various visual components. First, a strong and consistent personal brand identity was created, on the one hand, in a synthetic icon that makes it possible to glorify the elaboration ingredients and its traditional recipe, and on the other, in a logo development based on refined characters of Roman style capable of conveying the high quality of the product. Second, an attractive, formal label was generated, whose main feature is a marked horizontal strip that crosses the layout from end to end, and from which the relevant information was posted. Finally, the final touch is provided by the use of a metallic substrate, which gives the whole an almost mystical shine, which increases the overall detachment of the piece and communicates, at first glance, its well-deserved premium positioning.

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