Cleanwood, the Spanish technology that eliminates microorganisms from barrels

28, February, 2022


Photo: Cleanwood. The uncontrolled growth of the contaminating brettanomyces (brett) yeast has made it increasingly important, as well as more difficult, to sanitize and clean barrels with such contamination. In this sense, the Spanish technology of high precision arises Cleanwood to help improve and care for the quality of wine cellars.

The technology, called Microwave Scoop Pulse (MwSP), It allows the wood to regenerate in four minutes, open the pore, leach part of the soaked wine, extract it with microbiotechnology from inside the wood and eradicate all the microorganisms that are harmful to wine aging. All this, increasing the quality of the product and extending the useful life of the barrels for several more years.

Beronia Rioja It is the first winery in the world to apply the Cleanwood system to its barrels.


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