Delaviuda and Christian Escribà create a range of signature nougat

7, November, 2022

Widow, an expert brand in nougat and Christmas specialities, has presented a new range of signature nougats elaborated in collaboration with the prestigious tart artist Christian Escriba.

In the words of Christian Escribà, “creating this range of nougats has been a new professional challenge to continue turning pastry into an illusion, which makes me happier! And working with the great Delaviuda team has been a crush at first sight, they inspire me and feed my creativity for what is being a very easy and fun experience that will undoubtedly bear great fruit”.

Nougat portions Delaviuda & Christian Escribà

Delaviuda, in the hands of Christian Escribà, has developed this new range with seven delicious signature nougats. Unique creations presented in individual portions, made with a fine and delicate layer of chocolate, creamy interiors and surprising textures, with flavors such as cheesecake, creamy almonds, roscón de reyes and mojito, as well as a selection of desserts made up of sacher-flavored nougat, tiramisu and lemon pie.

Cheesecake nougat: a nougat reminiscent of the famous New York dessert, with a surprising combination of textures thanks to its creamy filling, raspberry jam and topping.
Creamy almond nougat: with its fine blond chocolate coating, its creamy filling and its crunchy topping.
Roscón de reyes nougat: fine milk chocolate coating, with a creamy filling, orange blossom and fruit and almond topping. An essential at Christmas.
Mojito nougat: a combination of textures that give this nougat a unique and very refreshing flavor.
Nougat selection of desserts: a delicious selection of desserts, sacher with apricot jam inside, lemon pie with a surprising citrus flavor and tiramisu with an authentic coffee flavor.

Almond Rocks and Neula Rocks dipped in Milk Chocolate

The range is completed with some delicious and irresistible neula rocks and almond rocks, dipped in milk chocolate.

Neula rocks: crunchy and sweet wafer covered with a thin layer of the best Delaviuda chocolates.
Almond rocks: almond pieces dipped in milk chocolate.

An original packaging with augmented reality to congratulate Christmas

A very special range with an also special packaging, in which through a QR code you will be able to live an augmented reality experience and create, together with Christian Escribá, a personalized Christmas greeting.


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