Ecogots doubles its turnover to €2,5M

February 6th 2024

Joan Cristina and Elisabet Zaragoza are the creators of Ecogots

Photos: Joan Cristina and Elisabet Zaragoza They are the creators of Ecogots. Ecogots, a company that manufactures cups with rice husks from the Delta de l'Ebre, has reached a sales volume of 2,5 million euros, a figure that doubles last year's turnover (€1,2M). Throughout this same exercise, the company has produced more than 5 million glasses and expectations for 2024 are equally optimistic.

Over the course of the year, Ecogots has produced a total of 200 tons of glasses from rice husk, a material patented by the company itself under the name Oryzite®. Thanks to this pioneering formula, the company has managed to save more than 120 tons of plastic in its manufacturing processes. With this method, the company has not only consolidated its position in the market, but has also earned the preference of both event organizing companies and restaurant and cafeteria chains that seek a change in their customers' consumption with more sustainable and environmentally friendly options.

Some of the notable events that have already featured the signature of Cubelles have been Sónar 2023, the Sitges Festival or the Medieval Market of Vic, among many other brands, entities and municipalities that, with their commitment to Ecogots, have contributed significantly to the reduction of tons of plastic that, otherwise, would have ended up in landfills after these events were held. Without going any further, in the last edition of Sónar, 500.000 Ecogots cups were used, which saved the equivalent of 9 tons of plastic.

15 years of R&D

Ecogots is the result of research that began in 2008 as a challenge to the problem of reusable polypropylene cups, commonly used at festivals and sporting events. At this point, a key question arises: Is it possible to make strong cups using alternative raw materials to reduce plastic use?

After 15 years of rigorous research and obtaining an effective and safe glass, Ecogots finally sees the light in 2020 and is positioned as the only company in Europe to produce glasses from Oryzite®.

As a result of this development, Ecogots incorporate 60% rice husk to replace polypropylene. Thanks to this combination of materials, not only is a high percentage of plastic saved, but The cups are highly reusable, even before recycling.

Ecogots cups are designed to withstand more than 200 washes and after their useful life they can be returned to the company itself, which fully recycles them to manufacture new products, thus closing the cycle in a sustainable way.

This production method achieves a 72% reduction in CO2 emissions and enables energy savings through shorter cycles and the outstanding technical properties of the material. In addition, all manufacturing is produced with raw materials from the territory (not imported). Rice husks are collected from the fields of the Ebre Delta, so the company also favors the use of KM 0 products.

The versatility of these glasses stands out for their resistance to extreme temperatures, which makes them suitable for both dishwashers and microwaves. In addition, they have 100% customizable designs, allowing you to create the perfect option that adapts to your clients' tastes or event style. In fact, The aesthetics of the Ecogots invite their users to keep them as a souvenir of the event or to reuse them in their daily lives.

The company is currently evaluating the possibility of expanding its line of reusable products to provide more sustainable options to key industries such as hospitality and leisure. With the introduction of new products, such as bowls o tuppers, Ecogots seeks to satisfy additional needs related to the consumption and transportation of food and beverages, thus offering innovative solutions to companies, communities and individuals.

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