Plastics recycling in Spain grows by 4%

November 26th 2014

Plastics recycling in Spain has grown by 4% in 2013, reaching 616.000 tons for all applications: packaging, agriculture, automotive, electricity and electronics, and other sources. This information was released during the II AIMPLAS-CICLOPLAST Conference on Plastics, Recycling and Sustainability held in Madrid.

According to the latest CICLOPLAST report corresponding to the year 2013, in Spain 48% of plastics were recovered, recycling 30% (616.000 tons) and recovering 18% (360.000 tons) from energy.
Although in recycling Spain is among the first countries in the EU and above the European average, in energy recovery, with 18%, it is very far from leading countries in the environment such as Germany, Norway or Switzerland, which reach indices higher than 50%, reaching in some cases up to 75%.
The recycling of containers currently represents 77% of the total recycled plastic, agriculture being the second most important sector in recycling of plastics in Spain with 10%.

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