100% renewable Tetra Pak packaging

14 January 2015

Finnish dairy company Valio has become the first company in the world to offer consumers products in carton packs made entirely from renewable raw materials. Consumers can purchase these packages on the Finnish market from this week.

The Tetra Rex® Plant Plastic Container is manufactured exclusively from a combination of plant-derived plastics and cardboard.
Valio will test the packaging with Valio Eila®, a low-fat, lactose-free dairy drink, which will be available on the Finnish market until mid-March, to later seek consumer reaction and decide whether to extend these packages to its entire range. of refrigerated products.
The products will be available in 100% renewable one-liter Tetra Rex containers, with a TwistCap ™ OSO 34 closure system. These containers will be manufactured at Valio's dairy in Jyväskylä, Finland, using the standard Tetra Pak TR / packaging machine. 28.
In Tetra Rex plant plastic containers, the low-density polyethylene used to create the laminating film for the packaging material and the neck of the opening, along with the high-density polyethylene used for the cap, comes from the sugar cane. In these plastics, like the paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council TM (FSCTM), traceability to its origins is guaranteed.
The fully renewable Tetra Rex container can be identified by the words “Bio-based” printed on the front of the container.

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