Geographical factors determine offline and online consumption

November 12th 2014

Recent research indicates that the presence of physical stores, next to where the consumer is, has a significant weight in online purchasing decisions, as pointed out by David R. Bell, researcher on consumer behavior at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, United States, at the conference 'The Everywhere Store', organized by Tlantic."If it is outside these areas, consumers will have to depend on other sources of information that are, many times, on their mobile devices," he added. 

Taking into account the current challenges of the retail sector, Paulo Magalhães, CEO of Tlantic, highlighted that “logistics, marketing and information must be the three key pillars for the sector's sales processes. Faced with the resources that retailers possess - such as the proliferation of mobile technology equipment with Internet connection - the industry has to anticipate the wishes and expectations of consumers and be where they are. Mobility is one of the main trends in the retail sector ”. 

Organized by Tlantic, a company specialized in technology and innovation for the retail sector, the 'The Everywhere Store' conference took place on October 9 and 10 in Porto, becoming one of the largest spaces for debate on the global retail sector, with experts from large distribution and leading companies in the global market.

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