Gràfiques Manlleu acquires a Speedmaster XL 106

23, July, 2019

The Speedmaster XL 106 has allowed a greater speed in each run and a significant decrease in production waste, according to José Barón, production manager at Gràfiques Manlleu. "Currently, we are already producing 10.000 copies per hour, but for us, 18.000 are a requirement to meet," says Jordi Contijoch, current director and owner of the company. The press works with supports between 60 and 90 grams and that scenario, added to the current performance of the team, makes them think that they will soon be at the border of 18.000 copies.

From Gràfiques Manlleu they explained that "the visit to the PMC in Wiesloch was important when deciding and verifying the true performance of the team."


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