AIMPLAS conference on the internationalization of companies in the sector

January 20, 2014

The Technological Institute of Plastics (AIMPLAS) will hold an information conference on the internationalization of companies in the plastics sector on 24 January. In this meeting, market opportunities and the requirements of tackling a project of this type will be analyzed.
The objective of this event is to support companies in the plastics sector that are committed to internationalization as a strategic option for their business. To do this, a whole series of professional services and tools will be presented that can be useful to companies when facing their exit abroad.
During the conference, Etelvina Ortiz Serna, from AVEP, will provide a series of practical advice on potential destinations for companies in the sector. Manuel Eslava, from Tiba, will expose the role of freight forwarders as facilitators of the export of products. For her part, Carolina Salinas, from AIMPLAS, will address the issue of monitoring competition in international markets, and Miquel Roca de Blas de Lezo, will address the risks that may arise in international transportation. Jesús Latorre, from AIMPLAS, will discuss in detail the different existing public financing tools when addressing a process of this type. The day will conclude with two success stories represented by the companies Plásticos Erum and Profiltek.
Online pre-registration for the conference can be done from the web

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