The Metsä Group bioproducts factory will start operations in August 2017

June 28th, 2017

The large-scale project of Metsa Group in Äänekoski, Finland, has progressed as planned towards opening its bioproducts factory.

The factory will start operating in mid-August 2017, and pulp orders will begin to be distributed to new customers in early September 2017. The current pulp plant in Äänekoski will close when the bioproducts factory starts operations.

The new wastewater treatment plant has already started operating with wastewater coming from the integrated facilities in Äänekoski. From now on, all wastewater from the facilities, after the opening of the new factory, including wastewater from the bioproducts factory, will reach this treatment plant. Its modern technology allows the bioproducts mill to meet the allowable limits for the existing pulp plant, although the bioproducts mill will produce almost three times the amount of pulp.

The test cycle of the new drying machine of the bioproducts factory with pulp from the current plant has already started. This new machine will be operational at the beginning of July.


The bioproducts factory will reach its nominal capacity in approximately one year. The factory will produce 1,3 million tons of pulp per year. In addition, it will produce other bioproducts.

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