LeaderPack 2016

December 7th 2016

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. LeaderPack, the most important awards for packaging, packaging and Point of Sale Advertising (POS) in Spain, have awarded 30 prizes in the specialty of packaging, which will represent Spain at the WorldStar for Packaging 2016; 9 in the POS section and 5 in “Young Design”, the category reserved for students.

The winning proposals considered, in addition, the best of the contest have been ex aequo the bottle of Vichy Catalán 1,2 of 1,2l “trencadís” in PET and a pack manufactured by Grupo Miralles for the GH Mumm champagne that becomes an ice bucket resistant to water and ice in the packaging section, as well as the exhibitor-trunk to present the Cacaolat Mocca in the POS section.

The contest is organized by Graphispack Association and the living room hispack of Fira de Barcelona. This year the participation has increased by 37% compared to 2015. Companies and schools from 16 Spanish provinces have submitted 113 works to the contest.

The winners
The winners have been: the colorful Ron Barceló Añejo bottle, lined with a sleeve printed in flexography by the Madrid-based company Overlar; the collection of cases for high-end drinks from Grafopack; the label for the Bigardo Wine of the D:O. Toro with a transgressive, striking and elegant image, as well as the line of Montetoro billiard edition wines dedicated to bars, both works by designer Javier Garduño; the isothermal packaging for juices "Coldpress" -presented by Font Packaging Group- that maintains the temperature between 2 and 6ºC for 48 hours; in addition to the Vichy Catalán “trencadís” bottle in PET and the pack for GH Muum.

In food packaging, four have been the winning works: the envelope for Cinco Jotas de Morillas Brand Design; Oli Mare de Mas Montseny, an organic premium extra virgin olive oil, with a bright white tinted container and a label with a rustic texture and anti-grease treatment; the nice container of two extra-large gourmet eggs presented by Alzamora Packaging; and the new line of packaging with a fresh and colorful design to relaunch the Pepus preserves brand, the work of More on Simplicity.

To help reduce food waste, the Save Food category has awarded a packaging for home delivery of fruits from Saicapack and a Flexomed doypack bag that absorbs ethylene from fruits and vegetables to extend their shelf life.

In the pharmacy and parapharmacy packaging section, a sustainable container for surgical waste, manufactured by PFP Termopolymers, has been awarded, which improves the collection process and saves costs. In the same category, a line of boxes of 9 pharmaceutical cosmetic products manufactured in an integrated and mechanized way thanks to LecaGraphics and Gràfiques Argent has been awarded.

In electronics, image and sound, the winners were the Movistar+ box by Smurfit Kappa with a one-piece shock-absorbing system to transport and protect different equipment; and the encoder box manufactured by DS Smith Flak that adapts by means of drop-down tabs to the different DTT models.

In health and beauty, Quadpack has been awarded for the work Geometric Wooden Purse Spray, an aerosol with a wooden case.

In the miscellaneous category, the Flexomed Touch&Feel doypack bags with matte-gloss effect finishes, as well as different textures and aromas, received a Liderpack.

Finally, Comexi was awarded as the best innovation in packaging processes or machinery for simplifying the manufacturing steps of a stand-up container with a window through which to view the content.

In the Premium pack section, Morillas Brand Design has won two awards for two packages (three-piece box and normal box) for Cinco Jotas. The Barcelona agency Vibranding has won a Liderpack for the vitalizing cap Emo Cap, while Fabregas Packaging has been awarded for the lined cardboard box with right angles for CH Confidential & Pure Oil. For its part, Al Margen Comunicación has been awarded for the Legacy Project, a packaging design for a limited edition gourmet olive oil.

The packaging for logistics has harvested five Leaderpack. DS Smith Flak has won two awards with a special box for the transport of chicks and Octabin, a large volume container with an octagonal shape and a lid made of fully recyclable cardboard that is assembled in 15 seconds. The company Cartonajes Lantegui has been awarded for a cardboard packaging for chassis parts that replaces wood; Totalwinepack, for a security package to transport bottles of wine, oil, beer or spirits and Saica Pack Viana for Ewine 2.0, packaging for sending two bottles by courier.

The LeaderPack Popai Awards of PLV
The nine winners have been: the Cavas Talino barrel manufactured by Encuny; the Baúl Cacaolat Mocca and the Hellmanns's Foodtruck from Mainsa Punto Directo PLV, SL; the Activia headboard and Activia mini fireplace, presented by Danone; the exhibitor in the shape of a giant brick of Gallina Blanca gourmet broth and the airwick cabin so that the consumer can smell the fragrance of the air freshener, both manufactured by Grupo Miralles; the carousel-shaped box to present a new collection of bottles and pacifiers from the Nuk brand, designed by Wylma Blein; and the rotating corrugated cardboard beauty display from Smurfit Kappa.

Student Submitted Projects
In the Young Design section, the winning projects in packaging come from Elisava and have been: XOC, made by María Lopez, Macarena Norambuena and Mario Montull, for chocolate; FUEL JUICE, by Fernanda Madrigal, Nancy Nieto and Isabel Tabarini, a packaging line inspired by fuel packaging for premium organic juices; I HAVE NUTS, also from the same team of students, a container for mix of dried fruits packed in two compartments for before and after exercising and CASITA BLANCA, by Cristian Varela, Laura de Miguel and María Romero, a sober pack for chocolates. The winning POS work presented by Mario Sáenz and Andrés Alba from the Salesianos de Sarrià Vocational Training Center in Barcelona is called MAGNIFFEE and consists of a wooden box containing a book and six different coffee sachets.


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