The courts rule in favor of Capsa Packaging in its dispute with Bluespace

March 11th 2024

Capsa Packaging

Capsa Packaging, a company specialized in innovative and sustainable packaging solutions in corrugated cardboard, obtains a judicial victory that consolidates its industrial property in Spain and reinforces its collaborative business model based on licenses for its innovation and products.

Section nº15 of the Provincial Court of Barcelona has ruled in the second instance in favor of Capsa Packaging in a patent infringement case against Bluespace, one of the main international operators in the “self storage” or storage room rental sector. The court has ratified the validity of Capsa's industrial property and has conclusively recognized that Bluespace has infringed two of its patents related to its Capsa 2in1 reusable and multifunction boxes®. The court has also ordered Bluespace to cease, unless authorized by Capsa Packaging, the manufacture and marketing of cardboard boxes that infringe the company's patents, as well as to compensate it for the damages caused.

This judicial triumph validates Capsa's commitment to innovation, sustainability and intellectual property as fundamental pillars of its business. Its 75 patents, recognized in more than 20 countries, protect the Capsa 2in1 box®, A unique and multifunctional design that allows the same box to be reused multiple times, as well as used to store and transport products interchangeably.

“We are very satisfied with the decision of the Provincial Court of Barcelona, ​​which validates our dedication to innovation and the hard work we have invested in the development of unique packaging technologies,” he says. Manel López, founder and CEO of Capsa Packaging. “This victory encourages us to continue with our commitment to creating a more sustainable future for the industry through packaging.”

Carles Puente, partner of Capsa Packaging, adds: “the judicial victory is a well-deserved award for Capsa's global innovation and the fantastic work of the company's Intellectual Property team and its collaborators: Pellisé, Durán-Corretjer and Herrero & Asociados. This victory will accelerate the expansion of Capsa's licensing business both in Spain and abroad, making it easier to quickly reach agreements with third parties who want to manufacture and supply Capsa's sustainable solutions, and do so under beneficial conditions.  for the entire value chain, including innovators, manufacturers, distributors and end customers.”

The licensing program offers a unique opportunity to any packaging manufacturer and client to quickly, easily and globally access patented and disruptive technology, contributing to reducing the environmental impact of packaging associated with its logistics, storage, transportation or e-commerce. commerce, while increasing the efficiency and reliability of its logistics chain.

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