New can of Nestlé Caja Roja by CRVSH 

14, November, 2022


This year, the influencer and designer from Malaga Veronica Diaz (JustCoco) has been commissioned to illustrate the Limited Edition the iconic lbox of Nestlé Red Box chocolates, as a brand ambassador for these holidays. To do this, she has been inspired by her iconic heart of CRVSH, the fashion and accessories brand that she has launched this year.

A collaboration that, as Verónica herself points out, is a dream and for which she has had the opportunity to create her own design inspired by the birth of her fashion firm. “We used different sketches to show how the face of the heart, the eyes, the nose were built… The result… a colorful Red Box, like my signature, and so beautiful that I couldn't be happier”, explains JustCoco.

The can, which includes 54 chocolates from the most acclaimed varieties of the Nestlé Caja Roja assortment, is now available at different points of sale: Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Alcampo, Leclerc, Eroski, Supermercados Más and Amazon. Like the rest of the food and beverage brand's products, the chocolates are made with cocoa obtained 100% sustainably through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan at the Nestlé factory in Cantabria.


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