New support strip for PLV

November 14th 2012

Continuing in its constant line of innovation, the company Plastics Boix SL has just launched the support strip for POS product on the market. 

It consists of a polypropylene material support with capacity for 8 clamps, manufactured through the injection process. Bagged products can be hung through these clamps, allowing the products placed there to be easily removed.
They can also be provided with plastic hooks (150 mm.) Which are placed inside the clamps and allow to hang packaged products, blister type, of rigid materials (PET, PVC, cardboard ... etc.). Optionally, you can place a carton, either cardboard or plastic, silk-screened in four-color. It should also be noted that, at the head of the strip, the logo or drawing of the brand can be engraved, so it can be personalized when it is manufactured.
Regarding the installation of the strip at the point of sale, the strip is provided with a clip on the back to hang on plates or metal rods. Likewise, and for special cases, it is provided with a hole to hold it with simple plastic ties.

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