New Pixartprinting Board of Directors

November 9th 2016

Since last July 1, Paolo Roatta works in pixarprinting as Managing Director, accompanied by Alessio Piazzetta, who supports him as Director of the Production Plant. Both are part of the new Board of Directors. This is explained by Alessandro Tenderini, CEO of Pixartprinting, who adds: “The entry of these new professional figures is part of the decision I have taken to leave the operational positions that I held until now at Pixartprinting. The beginning of a new personal trajectory will allow me to open myself to other perspectives that will serve as an impetus for my future life.

Tenderini began his adventure at Pixartprinting in 1998 together with its founder, Matteo Rigamonti. During his professional career, he has accompanied the company in all the most important steps of its evolution: from its beginnings as a private company to the management organization with the transfer to the Alcedo capital fund, and the entry into Cimpress, a group of which it is part since 2014. 

pixartprinting is the largest Italian manufacturing company that operates exclusively online, becoming the leader of the printing services. In the last year, its turnover has exceeded 200.000 active clients; has hired 100 new people in 2016 and plans a similar number for 2017.

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