OI teams up with Carlsberg to achieve more sustainable packaging

January 29, 2014

OI, a manufacturer of glass containers, has joined forces with the beer company Carlsberg Group, in a sustainable packaging initiative.
The New Carlsberg Circular Community (CCC) is a platform where Carlsberg and OI, together with other selected producers, will collaborate to develop future packaging solutions. The CCC partners will use the full cycle formula - Cradle to Cradle® -, a scientific approach to improve the benefits of the product economically, socially and ecologically.
OI will provide its extensive sustainability expertise to evaluate current glass containers and will work closely with Carlsberg and its CCC partners to launch the first Cradle to Cradle® glass container solutions certificate in 2016.
Glass is made from widely available natural raw materials and is infinitely recyclable, making it an ideal Cradle to Cradle® packaging material. In addition, OI is continually improving its manufacturing processes, driving energy efficiency and optimizing packaging designs. One of the company's sustainability goals is to increase the amount of recycled glass used in production processes. In Europe, some of the 36 plants use up to 90% recycled glass.
As a founding partner of the Carlsberg Circular Community initiative, OI sees collaborative initiatives and alliances with its customers, suppliers and other strategic partners essential to ensure a sustainable future.

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