Promoting the label market: AIFEC day in Lisbon

March 1th 2024


AIFEC has summoned leading companies of the continuous label sector in both Spain and Portugal at the Eurostars Universal Hotel in Lisbon. The event has also allowed virtual attendance through videoconferencing, thus expanding its reach and participation.

Jose Carrasquer, president of AIFEC, opened the day, outlining the strategic lines, mission and fundamental values ​​of the Spanish association. He also participated Jose Manuel Lopes De Castro, president of APIGRAF, who emphasized the value of cooperation between both countries and their respective associations. He stressed that the synergy between Spain and Portugal can be an important link for continuous development and innovation in the label sector.

In addition, José Carrasquer announced that in view of the celebration of the AIFEC Congress in Lisbon next May, interested Portuguese companies will be able to attend and register, regardless of their affiliation to the association. This decision underscores AIFEC's commitment to inclusivity and knowledge sharing across the region.

The main purpose of this day was to immerse ourselves in the label market in the Iberian region, presenting the conclusions of the benchmarking study carried out by AIFEC. This comprehensive analysis, covering the period 2019-2022, examined key economic and financial indicators of both leading companies in the sector and the sector as a whole, providing a detailed view of its evolution.

According to the benchmarking study, there has been a significant growth in the turnover of the label market in both countries during the year 2022 compared to 2019. Specifically, Portugal experienced a high increase of more than 25% in its turnover, highlighting the dynamism and the potential of this constantly evolving market.

To end the day, attendees enjoyed a cocktail lunch.

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