SGD decorates the world.

November 26th 2012

Recent investments in combination with the transfer of capabilities allow SGD to offer service, quality and innovation for each of its glass and decoration plants. It is the theme that SGD has developed for the Luxe Pack fair held in Monaco: “Think globally, act locally”.

In association with three internationally renowned partners, Givaudan, Rexam and Iléos, SGD invites us to travel around the world through its illustrated know-how with its 4 travel-size perfumes. Each fragrance composed by Givaudan is reflected in the visual and tactile effect of the bottle and disappears in a delicate spray thanks to the Rexam XC11 sprayer.

China. The effect of celadon ceramic is achieved by a combination of lacquers. The delicate green color is reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers. The monogram drawn by the printing of multiple silkscreen passes gives the bottle a subtle and sensory reflection of the perfume. The crackle effect, very fashionable on nails, allows multiple finishes: cold, leather ...

France. A partial acid etching obtained by screen printing of peelable ink draws the monogram. The transparency effect technique, which envelops the bottle with a special softness and allows a more detailed decoration, reflects the minimalism of the fragrance.

Brazil. A combination of lacquers and serigraphs that create an explosion of colors. Bright, metallic inks in rich colors illuminate the monogram.

U.S. Contour pad printing draws a satin ribbon that holds a bouquet of milky white flowers. The plaque effect of the monogram is achieved with multiple screen printing.

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