SGD La Granja becomes Verescence La Granja

19th September 2016

SGD Perfumery, a global leader in the manufacture of bottles for the perfume industry and glass insulators for high voltage power lines, has changed its name to verescence. Now independent, and solely focused on both markets, the adoption of the new name marks an important milestone in the company's history.

The name Verescence reflects the origin of the company with an elegant French sound. Rich in meaning, it combines glazier know-how [See] in French and the suffix [escent] that literally expresses transformation: the transformation of sand into glass, from bold ideas to innovations, from the company to the global leader in the beauty and insulators market.

"It is an opportunity for us to have a brand that reflects who we are today: a company immersed in a great transformation process and that pursues excellence, an international company that uses its experience, diversity and talent for the benefit of its clients," he stated Thomas Riou, CEO.

With 4 factories dedicated to glass production and 5 to bottle decoration, 3.200 employees across various continents and a worldwide sales network, Verescence has an annual production capacity of XNUMX billion bottles thanks to its innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. environment.


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