A special box for an organic chocolate

December 13th 2021

Pacari Chocolate

boyfriend is a organic chocolate, unique for its sustainable production process of cocoa and other products such as fruits, aromatic herbs, flowers and spices, grown under organic and biodynamic processes, in certified farms. Now he presents his chocolate in a large leather box with 8 Pacari bars (935 g).

The bars are:

Lemon verbena: 60% chocolate Pacari infused with organic lemon verbena.

Salt and Nibs: 60% chocolate Pacari with pink cuzc salt inclusions and pieces of nibs.

Chile: Pacari chocolate 60% with organic mercken (dressing prepared with chili pepper).

Andean Blueberry: 60% chocolate Pacari with organic blueberry infusions.

Uvilla covered in dark chocolate: Pacari chocolate 60% coating pieces of dehydrated organic uvillas.

Dark chocolate covered banana: Pacari 60% chocolate coating organic banana pieces


Emeralds 60% Region: cream notes with a touch of banana and hazelnut and a light caramel.

Manabí Region 65%: Manabí is a province known as a center of coffee, rice and cocoa production. A unique combination that gives the flavor of this bar a different personality.

Los Ríos Region 72%: woody touch, with notes of species.

Raw 70%:, red fruits, woody flavors, spicy herbs.

Pacari carries out a business model called "from the tree to the bar", with a direct relationship with around four thousand small-scale farmers, responsible for taking care of biodiversity and the quality of the products, a commitment that receives a fair price. It is present in more than 42 markets around the world and has received more than 350 awards for the quality and unique characteristics of its products, among which are: gold, silver and bronze obtained in the last nine editions of the International Chocolate Awards.

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