UPM Raflatac introduces digital beverage label material sample book

4, October, 2022

UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac presents a sample book of digital label materials for wine, spirits and beverages (WSB). This new tool allows designers to bring designs to life by downloading high-definition images and using selected label material in their design software.

“The digital sampler was created with designers in mind. There are a plethora of label materials available for wine, spirits and beverages, but the challenge is finding the right combination for packaging and finding it quickly and easily. As we now live in a world with fewer face-to-face meetings, an efficient, easy-to-use and innovative digital tool that can change the landscape of label and packaging design is essential,” he says. Stefano Pistoni,

Senior Manager, Business Development, Wine, Spirits and Beverage, UPM Raflatac.

“For us at Advision, the UPM Raflatac Digital Swatchbook is an amazing new tool to support our design and creative workflow. We've already tried downloading high resolution textures and in just a few minutes we created realistic mockups and renderings. This new tool has two strong points: it greatly simplifies our work and helps us convey our idea of ​​the end result to clients in a realistic way,” he said. matthew zantedeschi, art director of Advision.

El digital sampler allows users to search by visual appearance of the front material or by features and functionality of the material. As a global tool, the sampler is segmented by region to provide a highly personalized user experience.


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