Virtual Glass by Verallia, "augmented reality" comes to the world of wine

7, May, 2014

Verallia, leader in glass containers for beverages and food, launches Virtual Glass. An application for tablets that creates 3D simulations of the image of a wine from different models of bottles and labels. Design time is reduced and significant cost savings are achieved when generating visual content and prototypes. Thanks to augmented reality technology, real and simulated bottles can be compared in the same environment.

Virtual Glass By Verallia enables wineries to simulate the image of their wines by choosing between various bottle models and playing with the color of the glass, the type of wine, the labels and the capsules.
The application positions the label and the back label, in addition to capping the container. From here, you interact with the tablet screen to turn the bottle in any direction, examine it from all angles and perspectives. Virtual Glass makes comparisons between different models, generating as many photos as you want, with realism.
Thanks to augmented reality technology, the 3D simulated container can be placed on a shelf or in any environment. It is possible to compare the virtual bottle of cava or wine with other real ones, at the same scale and perspective. In an instant, the images created, both simulated and augmented reality, are captured and shared with clients of the winery via e-mail or with consumers through social networks.
Using Virtual Glass By Verallia results in significant cost savings previously spent on producing prototypes and graphic images.
This software has been designed by Verallia in collaboration with the Spanish technology company LTC and will be available in the Apple App Store in the near future so that designers and wineries can use it on their own devices.


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