VPI creates the Fame de Paco Rabanne connected stopper

18, July, 2022

Paco Rabanne

After accepting the challenge to create an ultra-fine connected spray cap for men's fragrance Phantom by Paco Rabanne, Faiveley Plast Beauty (VPI) now it has also designed its feminine edition. The challenge was identical, that is, to create a spray cap that integrated an NFC chip, for recharges, aesthetically attractive.

VPI has created the spray cap for the fragrance bottle Fame of 80 ml. This design included the integration of an NFC chip inside the sprinkler cap, which is also the robot head, combined with the project management of the entire assembly. For the overall aesthetic, the choice fell on a galvanized gold.

Finally, the spray cap was designed to make it easy to recharge of the product, thanks to a sensory screwing system that guarantees the preservation of the fragrance. This offers a sustainable dimension to the product.


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