19 Crimes, Hard Seltzers in Ardagh cans

November 30th 2021

19 crimes

Ardagh Metal Packaging has made two 33cl cans in striking matte black for the wine brand 19 crimes Company Treasury Wine Estates, the UK's leading wine maker.

In two flavors, Lime Bitters and Raspberry & Black Pepper, the new Hard Seltzer (flavored carbonated drink with low calorie concentration and reduced alcohol content) are presented in a can designed, manufactured and packaged in the United Kingdom, which has been selected for the awards Metal Pack of the Year UK 2021.

Based on the nineteen misdemeanors leading to British convicts being transferred to Australia, the cans feature authentic XNUMXth century profiles, contrasted in a 'legal document' style, in an appropriate black and sepia color palette. for the time.

The can is black, with a black tongue, and an Ardagh special effect matte finish that further deepens the dark tone. To complete the look, a burst of color flashes against the shadowy base to quickly differentiate flavors.

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