Litoral presents its first plant-based recipe in a can

January 30, 2024

Coast launches its first vegetable alternative to traditional ready-to-eat meatballs on the market. Under the Veg sub-brand, Litoral presents this delicious recipe in its veggie version. Made from soy and wheat vegetable proteins, plant-based meatballs from Litoral are rich in protein, a source of fiber and have no cholesterol, thus becoming a perfect alternative to the traditional dish. 

Litoral's Veg meatballs, which offer a juicy texture very similar to meat balls, are stewed with peas and a tasty tomato sauce grown in Las Vegas del Guadiana with sustainable agriculture practices. 

The Litoral brand thus continues to expand its range of products to respond to new trends and to consumers who want to reduce the consumption of animal protein and, at the same time, continue enjoying all the flavor of one of the traditional recipes of Spanish gastronomy. .

Like the rest of the brand's varieties of dishes, Veg de Litoral meatballs with tomato sauce are made in the Nestlé factory in Gijón (Asturias).

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