Asia Pulp & Paper supports the South Sumatra Government's landscape protection program

August 3st, 2015

Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP) supports the Government of Sumatra in its fight against deforestation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, through the development of a strategy of approaching multiple stakeholders to achieve responsible management with the environment.
APP, in collaboration with IDH Sustainable Trade, the Dutch-based NGO, is sponsoring the High Level Stakeholders Forum for Sustainable Landscape Approach, where stakeholders, including representatives from the Ministry of Forests and Environment, partner countries, local communities, NGOs and the private sector will come together to form a partnership that develops an effective, integrated and comprehensive model for the reduction of greenhouse gases.
After the Government of Indonesia and APP signed the New York Declaration of Forests in September 2014, Alex Noerdin, Governor of Sumatra, and APP were invited to take part in the Bonn Challenge 2.0 in March 2015. At that event , more than ambitious actions were proposed to recover, by 2020, 150 million degraded and deforested hectares around the world, pointing to South Sumatra as a priority on the international recovery agenda. This latest initiative is also part of the commitment made by the Indonesian Government at the 20 G2009 Summit in Pittsburgh to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 by 26% through the efforts of each country, or in a 41% thanks to international cooperation.

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