Bobble 24/7, a new sporty take on the original

2th October 2012

Move Collective, LLC, the makers of bobble, a sleek, reusable and patented water bottle that filters while you drink, has introduced bobble 24/7, the latest addition to the bobble family. Available in a range of 3 colors, this new bobble has the capacity to hold 24 oz / 750 ml. The 24/7 bobble includes the same replaceable integrated carbon filter, which is present in all current bobble sizes. The smart filter design removes organic contaminants and chlorine from tap water, offering a cleaner, fresher taste. Each bobble filter equates to 300 individual water bottles making bobble an eco-friendly alternative. Designed by Karim Rashid, who successfully made the original bobble fashionable in more than 30 countries and 40.000 stores, the new 24/7 bobble offers a different take and aims to expand market share in the category.

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