Codimag appoints Lapeyra and Taltavull as Aniflo representative in Spain and Portugal

February 13th 2019

The manufacturer of label printing machines codemag announces the appointment of Lapeyra and Taltavull, SL. of Barcelona, ​​to represent its printing technology aniflo en Spain y Portugal.
Lapeyra y Taltavull was founded more than 80 years ago to supply materials for packing to the pharmaceutical industry in the region. Forty years later, it began representing international suppliers in the printing and packaging markets, creating long-lasting partnerships with leading European manufacturers of printing machines and ancillary equipment.
“We are very excited to start the collaboration with such a well-known company as Lapeyra & Taltavull,” said Pierre Panel, Codimag Export Sales Engineer. "We have had a very natural contact with Lapeyra as we share the same corporate values ​​and the same approach to customer service, as well as a long-term business vision."
At the heart of Codimag printing machines is Aniflo technology which, using waterless offset, offers the quality of offset, the simplicity of flexography and the flexibility of digital printing. By using an anilox inking system, the problems associated with offset are eliminated: there are no ink-water balance problems, and in turn, there is no need to adjust the inkwell cells; there is no ghost print or so-called "water lanes" in print. 

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