Crisp the World by Vicente Vidal / Villa McLuhan Comunicación

14, July, 2014

The new line of world flavors potatoes "Crisp the World"

The new line of world-flavored potatoes "Crisp the World", by Vicente Vidal, has obtained two awards for its design: the 2014 Chupete Award (First International Festival of Children's Communication) in the Packaging category and the Award for the Best Packaging of the X Aperitif Contest, within the framework of the XII Aperitif Seminar.
Charlotte Bouvier, Romerinho dos Santos and Bushi Kato are the great protagonists of “Crisp the World‟. They, represented in a cartoonish way on the bags, in striking colors (klein blue, green and red), tell through their personal history how they found the flavor of their country. The packaging for “Crisp the World‟ has been designed by Villa McLuhan Comunicación, the agency that also created Potatoes Marinas, recognized with a Laus Design Award last year and an award for best packaging at the XI Seminar on Appetizers.
“Crisp the World‟ has just been launched on the market with three references, and it is now available at points of sale in a 120-gram format: Paris Style, French fries with mushroom cream; Rio de Janeiro Style, fries with black pepper and a touch of lime; and Tokyo Style, French fries with Teriyaki sauce.
Aimed at a mostly young audience, “Crisp the World‟ is the result of a research process in which the brand sought to develop original flavors from different countries. "We have opted for an impressive and quite innovative design in the sector," says Santiago Sala, general manager of Appetizers and Extrusion, a company that brings together the Vicente Vidal and Aspil brands.


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