Toro Albalà balsamic vinegar pack, «Carton of the year» award

16, September, 2021

Toro Albará Carton of the Year Vinegar

The gift pack Balsamic Cellars of Toro Albará balsamic vinegar, made by Dürer Packaging and designed by Nemo Series, has risen with the "Carton of the Year" award de The Cardboard Excellence Award 2021.

The pack, designed to Toro Albalà cured balsamic vinegar 25 and 50, reflects his Spanish roots in various ways. The box is made up of 4 pieces that are self-locking when assembled and when opened, they are arranged one inside the other to resemble a Spanish fan. Inside of the packaging, the copper hot stamping decoration reflects the color of the carnation flowers indigenous to the city of Córdoba.

The effect of a flower blooming is accentuated by the relief and matte black varnish on the outside of the packaging that reflects the opening of the flower petals. The gift box It not only protects the glass bottle inside, but also provides a base to hold and display the product in style at the point of sale.


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