Nefab's “Focus on Total Cost”

December 1th 2014

Nefab, an international company specialized in Complete Packaging Solutions for industrial products, and with a significant presence in Spain, launches a new service called "Focus on Total Cost", which guarantees the optimization of packaging, reducing the customer's logistics cost at the same time. throughout your supply chain.

Nefab has developed a method of systematic review of the customer's existing processes in order to identify potential areas for cost reduction. This consulting service is called “Pack Audit”.
The cost of packaging is a part of the total logistics cost, however, the design of the packaging affects the rest of the elements that make up the total logistics cost. The “Pack Audit” aims to reduce the total logistics cost by optimizing the packaging design.
Once the client's products, flows, production, types of packaging, packaging methods, transport and packaging budgets are known, Nefab performs a packaging reengineering through design and optimization tools, such as 3D cad, NefabCALC, Pack Audit Toolbox, RECO, etc. 
The new designs focus on optimizing the different areas that make up the total logistics cost. Nefab emphasizes the optimization of the volume of the packaging for the truck or sea container, which results in lower transport costs for the customer. 
An important aspect is the reduction of labor costs through the design of packaging that allows fast and safe packaging. Third, packaging is designed that uses as little material as possible so that the customer pays less for the packaging. Other essential items are also the saving of storage space as a result of the use of folding packaging and with maximum stacking capacity, as well as the conversion of fixed costs into variable costs through the provision of JIT and hub services. Finally, the reduction of CO2 emissions through the manufacture of reusable packaging. 

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