Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives expands its range of collar label materials

November 20th 2023


Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives aexpands its range of materials for premium collar tags, designed for him labeling of wines, craft beers and spirits.

Technological efficiency and high quality come together to enhance the range of premium self-adhesive materials from Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives, designed to create high-performance collar labels in the wine and spirits industry. By using a high-performance adhesive, it will no longer be necessary to reduce the weight of the front paper, which guarantees optimal adhesion and that all the peculiarities of the materials, such as embossing or special textures, are preserved. In this way, the fronts maintain their appearance and structure perfectly intact. Thus, textured papers, such as "Cotone" and "Constellation Jade Raster", can be the protagonists of sophisticated collars, maximizing their original visual strength.

Retaining the features of the front allows you to add value to the collar label and main label combinations, a key element for designing high-quality coordinated packaging and giving each bottle a premium image. The synergy with Fedrigoni Paper allows the use of all types of quality papers, resulting in a perfect combination of select papers and innovative self-adhesive materials.

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